Mark and Rob Mayston
and Bruntwood Farms

SERVICES: Bundled service plan and smooth pay billing.

Third generation kiwifruit farmers Mark and Rob run one of
Bay of Plenty’s largest privately owned orcharding operations. 
Many innovative orcharding ideas have sprung from under their vines and the company continually takes a leading position in commercial kiwifruit trials. Having Bruntwood Farms co-share our office space provides for a wonderful space for the incubation of ideas.

I think Tim probably enjoys the kiwifruit industry as much as we do. And given this has amassed a very detailed knowledge of its workings
— Mark Mayston (Kiwifruit farmer)

Sean and Kate Armstrong
and their company Loaf

SERVICES: Bundled service plan and smooth pay billing.

You may recognise Sean Armstrong and the Loaf brand from Master-chef or from down at your local supermarket.  Sean and Kate are in the business of baking bread, and sweet things like Chocolate Brownie and Christmas Cakes.  Needless to say, we like Sean
and Kate!

All this new business is great, it means we must be doing something right. However it’s a killer on cash-flow. Sure we grow our top line, but we are forever taking on new staff, new leases, more stock, and of course more profit means – more tax. Our bundled service plan includes profit and cash-flow forecasting which is absolutely critical.
— Sean Armstrong (Multi award winning chef and baker)