5 things you should Know about Mayston Partners

1.  We love rural New Zealand especially the Bay of Plenty. 

2.  We’re probably a little younger than your average accountant.

3.  We grow on referrals alone.

4.  We think it’s about time somebody provided our rural community with a dedicated Chartered Accountant Service.

5.  Honesty, confidentiality and long term relationships are important values to us.

We work in a pretty cool environment and bring lots of energy to what we do. Everyone enjoys working with people and we keep things interesting by using the latest technology.

We understand that clients are always considering opportunities and dealing with challenges.

Our philosophy is to make our services as easy as possible for clients.  That’s why we use Bundled Service Plans to wrap up many of the services we provide, delivered for a fixed fee.  And rather than one large invoice each year our Smooth Pay Billing allows clients to make part payment monthly. Easy to budget for and no surprises. Our Bundled Service Plan allows you to ring us up anytime to bounce around an idea or concern knowing that you won’t get a bill in the mail.  Simple.

There is nothing better than when a plan comes together. Our idea, and it’s no secret – is to provide farmers with various important dedicated Chartered Accountant Services, delivered regularly and at a fixed price.

No one likes surprises.  The good thing is, the services we provide we know are essential – because our clients tell us they are.  And we are brilliant at doing them.